How to Soul Search - Finding Your Purpose

The objective of soul searching is to explore your mind, heart, soul to figure out what your calling is on this earth. Most people's hobby is their divine purpose.

You must first be honest with yourself. If you are in denial of your current strengths and weaknesses, now is a great time to be real with yourself. BE honest, you deserve to know and understand who you truly are! Most people are working jobs, living lives doing work that fulfills the goals of others and not their own. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. You're braver than you know. Let's cut to the chase!

Grab a notebook and let's get started!

1) Write down a list of your favorite hobbies.

For those that say, "I do not have a hobby," what are you most talented at doing?

2) Place the hobbies in order from the most enjoyable to the least enjoyable.

If you only wrote down one hobby skip to step 4.

3) Focus on the top three hobbies.

Which of these three hobbies do you think about the most? Pick the one that gives you a sense of purpose. How does it add value to your life and the life of others.

Who do you see?

4) What is preventing you from actively using your skill to earn income?

Are you trapped in a 9 to 5? Do you need assistance from others on how to turn your dreams/hobbies/passions into your money maker?

5) Start by dedicating time each day, whether it's 30 minuets or an hour, to your craft.

Put your phone on silent and turn off all other distractions. If needed, find a quiet room for this allotted time. Become best friends with your niche, as it will reward you once you put forth constant dedication.

6) Find a group of like minded people that share your hobby on Facebook, Meetup, and other social sites.

Find out what others are doing to make revenue from the hobby while engaging with others

to build beneficial cross-referencing relationships. Use the group to your advantage. Be an

active member, post relevant content and your current projects.

You are a garden! Water your dreams and they will indeed grow.

I'm choosing to end this article here. Complete steps 1-6 and meet me back here for the continuation of finding your purpose. Leave a comment below! I would love to know what you discovered about yourself!

Thank you for spending time with me on my blog. See you again soon!

-Sacred Fantasy

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