"Create beautiful moments that outlast the test of time! You are beautiful and worthy! Be vibrant and always know your worth! You are priceless!"

©Kelli A. McEwen (Sacred Fantasy)


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Cotton T-Shirt

Comes in black or white

"My mind's a spaceship..." Tee

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  • "The quote on this shirt is a reminder to the world that our minds are without limit! You can do whatever you put your mind to! Do not become lost within yourself trying to find yourself! Simply go within on listen to your inner thoughts! Allow them to reveal what healing needs to take place!

    Another meaning within the quote is, some people will love the energy you bring, regardless if it's positive or negative! They want to keep you around because you help them fell something, anything, everything. They'll love your presence, but dislike current state of being! Allow those people to leave your side. Today is the day you let go of negativity!"

    ©Kelli A. McEwen (Sacred Fantasy)