Write Book - Completed 2018

Writing the content for Blessings in Disguise was the easiest part of the journey. I arose from my slumber many days with a flood of endless poetry pouring from my mind.

Submit Copyright -  Completed 1/9/19

Submitting the copyright was an eye-opening experience! I thought the process of having 144 poems/prose/quotes copyrighted would take longer than 6 months. My last copyright case of just 2 poems took 7 months to process. However, a really good friend of mine told me to stop waiting on a worldly deadline and tell God when I needed my copyright case to be completed, so I did just that.

Blessings in Disguise Copyright - Completed 3/13/19

After praying about my deadline, God showed out! My copyright went through two days later!

Manuscript Editing and Formatting - Completed 3/31/19

The editing, proofreading, interior layout and typesetting portion of the journey was the most stressful part. 

Book Cover Design - 4/1/19

The cover art project for Blessings in Disguise went smoothly. I own the credits to Noel Sellon. He completed the work within a few hours. 

Book Publication - Physical Book Orders


I am humbled by this process and I will help instruct others through the self-publication voyage as best as I can. I want individuals, just as I did, to be able to produce their book(s) knowing the process is attainable through dedication and support! I believe in you!