Sacred Fansasy floral kimono.jpg


Kelli A. McEwen

Sacred Fantasy is the embodiment of poetry. At the age of 10, a poem her brother, Kevin A. McEwen, wrote ignited her on a poetic voyage. She has not stopped writing since. She often awakes from her sleep to write poetry, becoming lost within the art of scribing illusive lingo onto pages until the sun reminds her to rest. She would much rather swirl ink onto paper than to close her lids again. 


Sacred Fantasy can be found at open mics, walking barefoot across lush fields, sewing fanny packs, skating to James Brown music, and playing football with the guys! She is a true craftsman with her hands deep in creating artistry of many different forms. 

"Egyptian floral print hieroglyphed on your lips,
I zone your kiss oasis,
Swallowing the air they foolishly believe is tasteless,
Your brown is the only brown
And I am not racist"

-Sacred Fantasy