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Behind the Movement of Sacred Fantasy

Sacred Fantasy is real & ethereal! She carries herself freely & authentically to who she is on a soul plane. Her mission is to bring joy & light back to the lives of others. Everyone she meets is the perfect individual to give a bit of light & hope to! The worldly tongue of others may shift her thinking, but it will not change who she is at heart & soul. It simply builds up her character even stronger, helping her to process other's emotions & actions more effectively!


She is a Chicago native that moved to Houston to pursue love that ended wildly. Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston shortly after sending her on her spoken word journey in San Antonio, TX. She rapidly became a force to be reconned within the music scene. Standing out as a pioneer, a freestyling bombshell with an extensive dialect, a trendsetter & a culture building, fearless leader for many!

Her passion for recording poetry was discovered after she curated an artist showcase called "The Tones of San Antone!" Bringing together so many creative artists enforced a need within her to hear herself musically as well. She knew that her acapella spoken word could stand its own on a showcase full of rappers & singers. However, the longing for live instrumentals soon developed upon her mental pallet!

Now she freestyles to many different genres of music as she's on her quest to find her authentic flow & sound! "I do not limit myself to a genre. I am Sacred & Fantasy! The world likes to give everyone titles & structured positions. I live for what feels right in my gut & what enhances my sacred contracts in this realm! I am the genre." - Sacred Fantasy

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