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10:41p Wed July 14th 2021 - Anxiety

I first want to start by uplifting everyone reading this post! You are perfectly made! You are beautiful! You are advancing in your career path! You are brave! You are a needed light within this world! You are smart! You are whole! You will overcome all obstacles in your path! You are amazing! I love you! I believe in you! I wish you universal happiness & love! You can! Yes, YOU can do whatever it is you put time & effort into! Be yourself wherever you go!

I am feel anxious right now! The feeling crept over me like a spider does unsuspecting insects that become entangled upon its web! Trying to sort through why I'm experiencing such sudden anxiety is a task. Maybe I'm overwhelmed with my evergrowing workload. Maybe it's due to not eating enough natural foods. Maybe it's to balance out my highs! Nonetheless, I know this is a phase that will fade. Always believe in joy & know that is just a mere second away!

I choose to let you all into my mental space through my writing because I hope that it helps you to solve your own enigmas! Maybe you too feel this way. I wish you all happiness & peace!


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