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Reserving My Energy for Those that Earn It

I've analyzed myself thoroughly. Dissected my patterns & paid close attention to the energies I constantly attract. It's been a beautiful journey getting to know myself closer & on a deeper level. A tier that I must hold myself accountable to constantly maintaining.

I've noticed that I allow many people into my space because they feel like projects that need love in some fashion. Beings that have broken hearts or have not yet felt true unconditional compassion. In some way I feel like I can save them by adding love currency to their soul banks! Ha ha ha! Have I been sadly mistaken all along! Yes, loving people does add enrichment to their spaces, but at to what extent of my own worth? Why diminish myself to uphold someone else to a high standard that they aren't achieving through their actions?

You see I've willing allowed myself to put up with giving unlimited amounts of my energy to those that weren't worthy of it. Pouring into other's cups until I become a woman longing for reciprocity! A goddess giving her essence away. Bring the dead souls back to the light in which they've lost their way to! I was her. The her that became drained. The one many experted to pay their way during outings. The her they wanted to book for free, but change when she asked them for anything! Ha! That her has now withered away. She no longer fuels tanks that passively demand her presence.

I no longer put in more than I receive. Nor will I accept any treatment less than what I deserve. Stop allowing people residency in your life just because they exist. Know your value. Know what you bring to the table. Cut off energy vampires & stop allowing your big heart to be the reason why you continuously give depleting situations acess to you! Cut cords & keep moving forward! What's for you will NEVER pass you by!

Sacred Fantasy - It's Gonna Be Okay Music Video

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